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Former Senior Prosecutor. Over 17 years of criminal law experience.

Sex Crimes

Sexual assault and child abuse cases involve the most legally and factually complex charges that can be brought against someone. If you have been charged with a sexual assault or child abuse offense you need an attorney who has extensive experience handling these types of cases.

Domestic Violence

"Domestic Violence" historically applies to romantic relationships, but over time it has expanded, now applying to almost any two people who have a preexisting relationship. As a defense attorney I rely on my experience to formulate successsful defense strategies for those charged in DV cases.

Violent Offenses

Charges involving allegations of violence are some of the most aggressively pursued cases by law enforcement and prosecutors alike. If you have been charged with a violent crime you need representation experienced in dealing with the issues presented by cases involving allegations of violence.

Trust your case to someone who knows the criminal justice system from the inside

Those who have been accused of a sexual assault, domestic violence, or violent offense need an attorney who is experienced handling these types of offenses. During his 12 years with the King County Prosecutor's Office Zach took over 100 cases to trial and handled the most serious crimes in the state including Murder, Rape, Child Molestation, Shaken Baby, Robbery, Felony Assaults, and Domestic Violence cases. As a prosecutor, Zach put his time and talent into those cases and performed exceptionally well. Now, as a defense attorney, he puts that same effort and skillset to work for those who have been accused of those charges.

Don’t wait to protect your rights

As a prosecutor Zach saw countless cases involving suspects who were charged and ultimately convicted of crimes because they unwittingly waived their rights at the outset of an investigation. Many times, without those rights having been waived, the charges could not have been filed, let alone proven at trial. Thus, whether you simply believe that someone has accused you of a crime or you have been contacted by the police for questioning, it is never too early to contact an attorney to learn your rights and formulate a plan for responding to the allegations.

UW Student Acquitted of First Degree Assault. Judge Orders State to Pay His Legal Fees.

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“Put simply, [Zach] is one of the best trial lawyers in the State, and his command of criminal law is second-to-none.” – endorsement

"Zach's years of trial experience prosecuting extremely complex cases, including sex offenses, domestic violence cases, and homicide, gives him precious insider’s knowledge in anticipating how your case will be prosecuted—and how to defend you accordingly." – endorsement

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“I cannot recommend Zach enough. If you want a well-educated, sharp, organized and most of all caring lawyer Zachary Wagnild is the best choice for you. He not only has the expertise to be a phenomenal lawyer, but he also has the character to be a remarkable person.” – client review

“Zach is the best attorney in Seattle. He was kind, honest, hard-working. He saved my life!” – client review

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About Zachary

Zach Wagnild, Attorney

After spending the first 12 years of his legal career as a prosecutor, Zach Wagnild opened his own practice in order to provide outstanding support and legal advocacy to those who are facing criminal charges. He purposefully keeps a low caseload so that he can give each case his personal attention, and so he has sufficient time to meet with clients, discuss their options, and approach their case in the manner that is the most beneficial to them and their needs.

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