During Zach's 12 years as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney he had the chance to deal with many defense attorneys and saw a wide variety of tactics, experience levels, and abilities. One thing that became exceedingly clear to him is that someone who is charged with a Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Violent, or Sex Offense needs an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases. The prosecutor's offices are divided into specific areas of practice and the attorneys assigned to those units are very good and very experienced. Defendants who hire attorneys without that same level of experience are at a huge disadvantage.

When Zach represents a client he will focus on the following:

Knowledge: The only way that someone charged with a crime can make an intelligent decision on how to proceed is when he has a full understanding of the law, the evidence, and the different ways the case can be handled. Zach's first goal as a defense attorney is to make sure that you understand the charge(s) that you are facing, the allegations and evidence against you, and the options that are available.

Compassion: Most people who have been charged with a crime are scared and ashamed. Before any decision can be made regarding how to proceed on a case you need a chance to express how you feel about the charge(s), explain what's going on in your life, and describe what's important to you in the ultimate resolution of the case. Consequently, one of the most important jobs Zach has as your defense attorney is to listen to and counsel you. After leaving the high-volume world of the prosecutor's office Zach has strived to keep a low caseload to ensure that he has the time to spend with each individual client and make sure that he's available for you when you need him.

Defense: Contrary to popular opinion, our criminal justice system is not designed to determine guilt or innocence. Rather, it's designed to require the State to prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Charges can be defended against in many ways depending on the facts of the case, the evidence available to the prosecution, the potential legal issues, and the equities of the situation. As an attorney who has worked on and tried literally hundreds of felony criminal cases, Zach has the experience necessary to analyze both the legal and factual issues presented in a case and formulate the best strategy for defending against it.

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Zach Wagnild, Attorney

After spending the first 12 years of his legal career as a prosecutor, Zach Wagnild opened his own practice in order to provide outstanding support and legal advocacy to those who are facing criminal charges. He purposefully keeps a low caseload so that he can give each case his personal attention, and so he has sufficient time to meet with clients, discuss their options, and approach their case in the manner that is the most beneficial to them and their needs.

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